Saturday, June 16, 2012

Being a liberal

Does the sound of liberal politics make you uncomfortable. You might want to rethink your position regarding this, unless you are very, very rich. Being liberal simply means that you are for the people. It means that you are for what is good for the middle and lower classes. It means that you would rather the greatest share of taxes be paid by those that can well afford it, and not by people already burdened by higher prices, higher health care costs....etc.
   Liberals have brought you minimum wage, medicare, social security and other programs designed to help the middle and lower classes improve their lot in life.
   The conservates tout that their "freedom" is being limited by liberal ideas. What that means is they want to use resources created by the middle and lower classes (like roads, education...etc) without having to pay anyone for it in the form of taxes. Keep in mind that they use these resources much more than you or I, but want you and I to pay for it.
  Higher taxes is not "redistrubution of wealth", it is fair payment for the use of resources that belong to all of us. Take oil for example. They want to extricate a natural resource that belongs to the U.S., or the world (in the ocean), pay nothing for it except the cost of the equipment, and make billions of profit for their right to steal it from us, use our roads to transport it, use the education for the people who work for them..etc. Does this sound fair to you?  What would happen if you tried to use someone elses resources for yourself?
  The conservatives claim Ayn Rand's philosophy as their own, however, they forget that Ayn Rand was born in communist Russia. This was the philosophy that she fought against. It would never have occured to her to try to control any government. She would never had joined a "Tea Party". Laissez faire economic philosophy works in both directions (hands off). She was also an athiest, something the conservatives shrink in horror from.
  So when someone calls you a Liberal, wear that label with a great deal of pride because it tells others that you actually want to be part of the human race, and that you care for your fellow humans.

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